kmotoko’s wall is home to articles about linux and programming. The formats of the articles include tutorial/how-to, theory or both. One might wonder about the name kmotoko’s wall: It is derived from the name of the main character in the cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell, Kusanagi Motoko.

The author of the articles is Cagatay Aydin, or Çağatay Aydın in Turkish character set. He is a software developer. He did his bachelor’s in Bogazici University, Turkey in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and master’s in a joint Neuroscience program, held by the University of Goettingen and the Max Planck Institute, Germany. He graduated with the highest GPA of the class 2016 from the bachelor’s. He worked in renowned institutes such as Harvard University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute with top-notch scientists. During the bachelor’s and master’s, his main interest was programming and data science, rather than the benchwork, which formed the basis of a career as a software developer. After the master’s, he established Resardis Tech Company. Currently, he is interested in blockchain and developing a new type of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. He is also a huge Linux fan, with his favourite distro being Debian. When it comes to programming languages, Python is his primary choice. However, he is also confident with his JavaScript, Solidity and Bash skills.